The Moscone Recreation Center

On a sunny day in the Marina, the Moscone Recreation Center is the perfect place to soak up the sun or play a game of basketball, baseball or tennis. It also features a pretty sizeable playground for those with kids and even has a putting green. The Recreation Center is located right next door to the Marina Branch of the San Francisco Public Library of Chestnut Street.

The park is filled with parents, children and sports teams playing games on the many courts and fields. The parents are well dressed and, for the most part, pretty young. A lot of people can be seen walking their dogs around the park. The center and park itself appear to be well maintained. The grass looks freshly cut and is a beautiful green color.

One visitor said he visits the center just for “the patch of green grass.” Ryo Yoshiike said, “I live in North Beach but they switched everything over to artificial turf.”

With all the sports courts, three recreation rooms inside the center, and huge expanses of bright green grass outside, it’s easy to see why people frequent the Moscone Recreation Center.

Parent Rachel Schafer, was with her two young boys on the fields behind the recreation center.

She said, “We come here because the kids really like to watch all the different games that are going on. We like to watch people play different sports and we bring a ball so we can play as well.”

The recreation center holds a variety of classes in the three classrooms. Classes range from dance to acting to yoga.

Suzanne Halcka is a dance and acting instructor at the center. Halcka teaches a class called “Tutus and Tights” for children ages 3-5 and a “Junior Acting Troupe” class for 9-14 year olds.

She said, “The people who come to the center are usually people with kids taking them to classes.”

The Moscone Recreation Center is a beautiful fixture in the Marina District community and definitely has a lot of resources for parents and kids alike. However, this isn’t always a great thing.

Parent Kevin Foster said, “It’s just too crowded, it’s too kid friendly.”


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