Brunch at Blackwood

My family visited San Francisco for the weekend recently so I decided to show them around the Marina District. Our first stop was the restaurant Blackwood on Chestnut Street for brunch. Blackwood specializes in Thai-American fusion style food.

The brunch menu varies from the classic American BLTA: bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado sandwich to a more Thai inspired dish such as the Belly Rancheros which comes with slow braised Kurobuta pork belly, avocado, arugula, Kimchi Pico De Gallo, spicy guacamole, and a corn tortilla.

I was in the mood for an eggs Benedict so I went with the Blackstone Benedict and ordered a raspberry mimosa on the side. The Blackstone Benedict includes the famous Millionaire’s bacon®, asparagus, cherry tomato, and myer lemon hollandaise sauce. The eggs were poached to perfection and the creamy hollandaise sauce made the perfect pairing. Asparagus was a new twist on a Benedict but with this dish it just seemed to make sense. The mimosa was bright and fruity but not overwhelmingly so.

My mom also got a benedict and opted for the Crab Benedict which is served with Crab lump meat, spinach, caper, and Myer lemon hollandaise sauce. She ordered a Bloody Mary on the side to drink.

She said, “It was delicious. The crab was really fresh. It tasted like it could have come straight from Fisherman’s Wharf. The Bloody Mary was the best I have ever had-and I’ve had a lot of Bloody Mary’s.”

My dad ordered the BLTA with Millionaire Bacon but what he was most impressed with about his meal was the side of fries.

He said, “Everything was really impressive. It was a good, balanced meal. The Millionaire Bacon was kind of overrated. I just don’t like sweet stuff and it was kind of sweet.”

Those comments surprised me as Blackwood is famous for their “Millionaire Bacon.” The Millionaire Bacon is described as “extra-thick, sweet and spicy bacon that is slow-cooked for hours with brown sugar and spicy peppers to a chewy perfection” on the Sweet Maple, Blackwood’s sister restaurant, website. That bacon has gotten press from outlets like the Discovery Channel and the Rachel Ray Show.

We topped off our meal with a walk around the neighborhood. My parents enjoyed seeing all of the cute shops along the Marina’s little strip and we ended the day with a walk to the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts.


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