Reporting the Marina

Reporting in the Marina this semester had a lot of ups and downs. The Marina wasn’t my first choice but somehow the neighborhood felt more comfortable to me than many other neighborhoods in the city. The Marina has a safe, homey feel to it so it was easy for me to explore.

It felt like a daunting task to find controversy in what I perceived to be such a safe neighborhood. At first it felt like there were no stories at all to be found or told but I quickly learned that there was much more to the Marina than I thought. The Marina still has many of the same problems as any other area of San Francisco such as homelessness, car theft and alcohol-related incidents. I wrote some articles about homelessness in the Marina earlier in the semester. I was happy to be able to write about something so meaningful in an area that I had once perceived as very shallow.

A con I encountered was that people on the street were usually pretty unwilling to talk. That means that I didn’t get as much input from the residents of the Marina as I would have liked. Thankfully, the employees of the Marina were much more willing to give me a few minutes and speak on whatever topic I inquired about.

In my opinion, the Marina is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in San Francisco. The buildings and streets are kept in pristine condition compared to the rest of the city. The view of Alcatraz sandwiched between the Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge makes for some amazing sightseeing.

The Marina also has one of my favorite places to eat in the city. It’s no coincidence that I took my family to eat at Blackwood when they visited. I’ve been to Blackwood on one other occasion and I never forgot how delicious it was. Another great thing about reporting in the Marina is that it is absolutely filled with coffee shops. There seemed to be one every couple of blocks. This was somewhat of a blessing as I did my reporting. When I got tired, I could pop in for a drink or a rest and then keep on going.

I was dreading this class at the beginning of the semester as soon as I heard that the workload would be equivalent to a part time job. I started doing the math in my head to figure out if I would have time to work the two part time jobs I get paid for, along with keeping up with this class and all of my other responsibilities.

This class ended up being incredibly eye-opening and inspiring. I’ve met the most interesting people that I never would have otherwise if not for this experience, like District Supervisor Mark Farrell. I’m proud of the work I’ve done in this class and that’s a feeling I haven’t gotten as a student in a very long time. I’m excited to see what else I could possibly do in the field of journalism and I would have definitely made it my major if there weren’t so many units required! But I’ll settle for the minor and see where I go from here. 🙂


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